Monday, February 22, 2016

Brilliant at One Specific Task

Road and Track Magazine has put together a list of Nine Cars That Are Brilliant At One Specific Task, and as predicted the Jeep Wrangler is included.  From the article,
The Jeep Wrangler is one of those vehicles that even non-car people love. It makes you feel cooler no matter who you are, even if you never take it off-road. Especially in Rubicon form, driving a Wrangler around when you don't intend to off-road it makes no sense. It's not built for pavement, no way. But when it's in its element, far off the beaten path, it's amazing.


  1. Jeep wheels should be of high quality for visiting such paces like forest, desserts. For high quality branded wheels always remember one name

  2. Planning several trips & cannot find whether Deer Valley Trail (hwy 4 to hwy 88) is open or not??? Tentative plans are to run this trail toward end of September 2016. Anyone have any solid info??? Thanks.