Saturday, February 21, 2015

Why Jeep is the Most Relevant Brand

Yahoo Autos has an interesting take on the Jeep brand after their recent on/off-road introduction to the new Renegade.  The author reflects on the Jeep brand as a whole, and how it stands apart from every other auto manufacturer in terms of overall vehicular capability and the public's perception of the Jeep brand lifestyle.  While praising all of Jeep's top offerings, he particularly likes the "awesome and totally covetable Wrangler."  The final verdict?  That Jeep is the most relevant brand in the automotive industry.  From the article:
If you really want something to shout "surf’s up, man," then choose the real sweetheart of the Jeep lineup, the Wrangler. If you want four-door sunshine, select the Wrangler Unlimited. To us, nothing screams outdoors like a Jeep with a soft top, so throw the surfboard in the back, and away you go...all the way up to the 'Bu to catch some cool waves, brah. We’d also opt for the top of the range Rubicon version, in a black on black configuration with a hard shell top.
Seriously though, the Wrangler Unlimited gives you Mercedes Benz G63 looks at less than a quarter of the price. Imagine having surf, sun, sand, and looking good in the outdoors on a major budget. Who could ask for anything more?
Most of the public's perception of any given brand is established by its users' core enthusiast base.  Jeep represents many things to many people, but the benchmark of adventurous outdoor spirit that is set by the Wrangler carries over into Jeep's other offerings more than any other competitor's 4x4s.  Jeep's long history of ruggedness symbolizes the American spirit more than any other vehicle.  This is a key reason why it's imperative that the next-generation Wrangler carry on its fundamental off-road capabilities at all costs.

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