Saturday, February 21, 2015

Eagle Scout Demonstrates True Environmentalism

Boy Scout volunteers preserve public land

Land-Use champion Don Amador (Western Representative for BlueRibbon Coalition) published a report on Boy Scout Sean Griffith's inspiring Eagle Project.  The Scout planned, directed, and led 21 Scouts, adults, family members and friends in a project to protect an archeological site in the Mi-Wok Ranger District of the Stanislaus National Forest; the Camp Clavey Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) area was burnt in 2013's Rim Fire and the Forest Service's resources are spread too thin to properly address every needy area.

All too often, we see instances of the USFS and BLM mismanaging our public lands.  Sean's Eagle Project has done more than simply preserve and protect a highly-valued multiple-use area of a National Forest; it serves as a shining example of how our public land management agencies should continue moving toward partnerships with outdoor recreation clubs and individuals who have offered to donate their time and efforts for the health of our natural resources.  In contrast to the efforts of the anti-access "environmentalist" organizations, the simplification of the government's bureaucratic obstacles that stand in the way of pro-access volunteers benefits all land users and our natural resources.  Public lands should be preserved for the public, rather than from the public:

Sean's completed Eagle Project

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