Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tutorial on the Many Uses of the Hi-Lift Jack

Bruce Elfstrom of Overland Experts has written for Expedition Portal an extremely thorough tutorial on the many uses of the ubiquitous Hi-Lift Jack.  This versatile tool is carried by nearly all offroaders in spite of its size and weight because it serves numerous purposes beyond that of a simple jack: it's also a winch, a clamp, and a spreader.  People have even used their Hi-Lift Jack's handle as a tie rod sleeve for an emergency field repair of their broken steering linkage!  Hi-Lift supplies some basic instructions with their jacks, Elfstrom's tutorial is a much better guide because - as with any powerful tool - the Hi-Lift Jack can be dangerous when used improperly.

To take full advantage of the jack's functionality, Hi-Lift makes an Off Road Kit that includes the chains, clamps, shackles, a tree strap, a winching tensioner, and other purpose-built accessories.  Most 4wheelers get stuck in soft soil, mud, sand, or snow, so the jack's Off Road Base is another worthwhile accessory that improves the jack's performance.  In addition, I also use a polyurethane Handle Keeper to prevent any rattles and keep the jack's handle from coming loose during transit.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Toledo Builds its 500,000th Jeep of 2014

The Toledo Blade reports that Jeep's Toledo Assembly Complex has set another new benchmark with the factory's assembly of its 500,000th Jeep for 2014.  The achievement comes on the heels of a long string of records as the Jeep brand (and its two best-selling and most offroad-capable models) continues to grow in popularity.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jeep Crash with a Dump Truck

A recent crash in the South Middleton Township of Pennsylvania involving a Class A dump truck and a nicely built Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited provided some jaw-dropping photos.  The owner and driver of the Jeep is reported to have walked away with no major injuries.  The Jeep, unfortunately, is a total loss.