Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Wrangler Rubicon is "Freakishly Capable"

After just a short off-road test-drive, Road & Track published a raving review of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon X.  With so many "cookie cutter" cars and crossover SUVs being reviewed, the Wrangler really stood out as a uniquely fun and capable machine.  As a result, some choice words were used to express the author's enthusiasm for the Jeep:
Jeep has built more than a million JK-generation Wranglers, and people still stare when you come bombing through downtown. It’s hard to blame them. There’s always some beauty to be found in utility, and the Rubicon wasn’t not molded by wind tunnels or corporate groupthink. It was hammered into shape by rock trails and sandy scrambles.
. . .
On the road, the Wrangler feels like an old school truck in the best way possible. The soft coil spring suspension and solid axles float and wiggle, and there’s plenty of body roll at every corner. Crossovers have conditioned us to think every machine should drive like a Camry; The Rubicon reminds me that it’s good not everything does.
. . .
I quickly realize that like the Porsche 911 and Corvette Stingray, this machine is far more capable than I am behind its wheel.
. . .
A light drizzle starts down out of the sky on the ride home. With the side panels back at the house and the glass windows down, I smell the rain and feel the temperature fall long before I see the first drops on the windshield. It’s a perfect moment. A Jeep moment. I put my arm out the window just to feel the rain on my skin. You can keep your laminated glass. I’ll be in the sticks.
It's no wonder why the author proclaimed the Wrangler "freakishly capable" - it offers driving opportunities that no other vehicle does.  You will always find car reviewers who just don't "get" the "Jeep Thing" and will bemoan the fact that the Wrangler doesn't fit in today's homogenized world.  But when an open-minded reviewer gets to experience a real Jeep outside of the city, you'll find praise heaped upon praise.  That's why Jeep has sold over a million Wrangler JKs.

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