Sunday, September 28, 2014

AEV Customer Tour: Colorado Rockies

Engineer Pass Road, part of Ouray's Alpine Loop
American Expedition Vehicles specializes in high-end Jeep accessories and turnkey offroad Jeeps.  They have led a series of Customer Tours in some of the most iconic 4wheeling areas of the United States.  Their latest trip followed the famous Alpine Loop (Engineer Pass, Corkscrew Gulch, Black Bear Pass, Imogene Pass) outside of Ouray, Colorado, and they produced the following video.

Of particular note is the synergy with which offroad recreation and the flora and fauna happily coexist.  Contrary to the anti-access propaganda spewed by the self-proclaimed "environmentalists," Mother Nature is the perfect place for families and their Jeeps to explore.  With 110 million acres of public lands already behind the lock and key of Wilderness Area designation, it's no wonder why we nature-lovers fight so hard to keep the remaining backcountry areas like this still open and accessible to the public:

I've written about AEV's previous Customer Tours to Anza Borrego, The Rubicon Trail, and The Oregon Dunes, but you can view their full collection of videos on their website.

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