Sunday, August 3, 2014

1968 Footage of the 16th Annual Jeepers Jamboree

1968 Jeepers Jamboree on California's Rubicon Trail

The Jeepers Jamboree's inaugural year was 1953, when Mark A. Smith helped organize a group of Army surplus Jeeps on a backcountry adventure along the Rubicon Trail.  The following video is made up of footage from the 16th annual Jeepers Jamboree in 1968, and it's clear that the tough little WW2 vintage Jeeps were still the vehicle of choice.

If you enjoy seeing historical footage of the Jamboree and would like to know more about this area's history, you owe it to yourself to pick up Rick Morris' beautiful coffee-table book entitled Rubicon Springs and The Rubicon Trail: a history.  I had the pleasure of meeting the author at Rubicon Springs during the 60th Annual Jeeper's Jamboree, and his knowledge, love, and research of the Sierra Nevada mountains' Rubicon area is second to none.

Rubicon Springs and The Rubicon Trail: a history

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