Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Hiker's Perspective on 4wheeling the Rubicon Trail

The Auburn Journal has just published a great article from a hiker's perspective on 4wheeling the Rubicon Trail after his attendance at the 62nd Annual Jeeper's JamboreeThe Rubicon Trail Foundation's Facebook page had this to say about the article:
Here is an article in the Auburn Journal written by Eyragon Eidam. Eyragon is an admittedly avid back packer, had his core beliefs of the trail and its users rocked this past weekend at the 62nd Annual Jeepers Jamboree. Here are a few "quotes" from the journalist who just got bit by the off road bug:

"I expected a Mad Max environment, it's nothing like that, people are respectful and friendly."
"This is cleaner than most hiking trails I've ever seen."
"I'm going home and convincing my wife to sell the Honda and buy a Jeep."

We look forward to seeing you and your family on the trail Eyragon!

The article includes some snippets from interviews with Bob Sweeney, president of Jeepers and Jeep Jamboree Inc. and Sean Russell, director of the Rubicon Trail Foundation.  Perhaps the best part is the focus on protecting the environment and preserving this trail for future generations:
Despite criticism to the contrary, organizers and drivers with the Jamboree were very conscious of their environmental “tireprint” on the rugged, wild landscape. In addition to environmentally friendly oil spill clean up kits and a pack-it-in, pack-it-out mentality, participants could be seen stopping trailside to pickup errant litter left by other trail users.
Sweeney said these ongoing efforts will not only help to ensure the use of the trail for future years, but also help to keep the area a place people want to visit in between Jamborees.
“We’re more environmentally conscious than hikers,” Sweeney said.
Sean Russell, director of the Rubicon Trail Foundation, said partnerships among government agencies, the Jamboree and volunteer groups are key in preserving the trail for future generations.
Head on over to The Auburn Journal to read the entire article and see for yourself the positive impression we made in the mind of a non-4wheeler.

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