Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Basic Wranglers Are Simple Fun

As a 4wheeler, I am obviously a big fan of the Rubicon model of the Jeep Wrangler JK.  The Rubicon's upgraded offroad equipment (stronger front axle, different locks front and rear, deeper transfer case and differential gearing, rock sliders, sway bar disconnect, etc.) versus the lesser models adds cost but returns big gains in trail capability, but that doesn't mean a bare-bones Wrangler isn't a fantastic vehicle in its own right.

AutoGuide.com has reviewed a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport S and come to the same conclusion.  From the article:
Like the Mazda Miata, the Wrangler is an unlimited fun machine. It’s a vehicle everyone needs to drive at least once in their lives. Nothing on the market gives the same raw, utilitarian feeling. I’ve driven several versions of the Jeepiest Jeep and one thing is always true: I feel like a kid again within minutes of getting behind the wheel.
In a world of ever-more-homogenized cars, the Wrangler is one of the last holdouts of fun.  Of course there will always be the stale criticism (and oftentimes slander) from oblivious and condescending publications such as Consumer Reports, but we can mock their drivel along with the rest of the automotive enthusiasts as we enjoy unique and expressive vehicles.  AutoGuide agrees:
And it may be that youthful feeling that has given this Jeep one of the largest diehard fan bases in the entire automotive world. Owners of Wranglers live and breathe Jeeps. They’re part of secret society that gives each other the “Jeep wave” as they pass by on the street.

Everyone knows what makes a Wrangler Rubicon awesome, but the article makes a great argument in favor of the basic Wrangler Sport, either as a basic and fun street vehicle, an entry-level 4wheeler, or as a platform for an extensively modified Rubicon-shaming extreme offroader.  Regardless, the Wrangler is a personality-laden funmachine for people who enjoy life to the fullest.  The article's verdict:
The Wrangler is especially quirky and that’s a big part of what makes it appealing. Jeep owners are proud to mount stickers on their rides declaring “it’s a jeep thing you wouldn't understand”. Even though I’m not an owner, I fully understand the affection people have for these unrefined off-roaders. They’re unique vehicles with go anywhere capabilities that promise freedom and a good time.

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