Thursday, May 22, 2014

Land Use Leader Del Albright Inducted into Hall of Fame

BRC's Del Albright and his Land Use Jeep
Great news for the outdoor recreation community!  The Blue Ribbon Coalition's Ambassador and Director of Operations - Del Albright - has been inducted into the 2014 Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.  This honor comes after many years as a career land use and access advocate for responsible motorized recreation, and is the second inductee from BRC.

Del Albright has shared 33 years of wisdom, knowledge of leadership, and supervision to help keep public lands open to the public.  He has spent time working on trails, attending meetings, writing letters, joining and starting organizations, and meeting with legislators to effectively save access to public lands.  His most significant contribution to off-road motorsports sets him apart from others in land-use because he educates and mentors the OHV community: his extensive background in leadership, supervision, and management has allowed him to mentor many other land-use advocates through Recreational Leadership Training Courses, as well as Volunteer Leader and Land Stewardship classes.  Del has also mentored smaller groups, such as 4x4 clubs, as well as  "Friends of" organizations that have modeled themselves after the Friends of the Rubicon, of which Del was a principal founder many years ago.

I'm proud to call Del Albright my friend; I am thrilled to see this well-deserved honor and formal recognition of his work as a passionate TRUE environmentalist and as a leader in the fight to keep public lands open FOR the public instead of FROM the public.  Del is a modern-day John Muir.

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