Sunday, November 10, 2013

Family Four-Wheeling

Ask the so-called "environmentalists" what off-roading means, and they'll paint a pretty ugly picture.  This false image is backed up by anyone who's watched a TV program on "extreme sports" and seen sanctioned offroad competitions held on private property.  People who do not partake in four-wheeling generally have little to no clue what Jeeping is all about.
". . . you just can’t beat enjoying the natural world around you."
Jeff Haley has written a great little article on OutdoorX4 that perfectly explains what off-roading means to the vast majority of people who actually partake in the sport.  He gives a good accounting of what to expect for newbie families just starting off in this family-oriented sport, so that everyone can have fun and stay safe.

The primary reason most OHV users get into motorized recreation in the first place is out of their love for exploring Mother Nature.  None of us want to see the environment damaged, and nobody wants to see the anti-access groups succeed in getting the public locked out of public lands.  This article provides some sound advice for parents who want to get their children on the right track early in life:
"You may also want to teach your family about a certain aspect of conservation of the environment and the resources that you are enjoying to make this not only an enjoyable experience but also a respectful one."
This is a don't-miss article that's well worth the read.  Keep public lands open to the public!

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