Monday, March 25, 2013

A Jeep TJ Devotee Falls for the JK Wrangler

JP Magazine is the dedicated all-Jeep magazine, and I am a very happy subscriber.  Their editors have a broad mix of backgrounds so they can share a diverse perspective with their readers on all things Jeep.  Their editor Verne Simons is one of their "old school" writers who has always preferred older Jeeps and shunned new tech, so it was with great interest that I read his (believe it or not!) first impression of the magazine's trusty old 2007 JK after living with it for several months:
At first I was skeptical of the JK (Like any good monkey I fear all things different and least for a little while. They usually smell funny). I like TJs, so I guess I was also a little resentful of the new kid on the block. Several months back I took the keys to our JK Rubicon. Since then I have spent quite a bit of time behind the wheel of the thing.
Besides the poor experience shifting its worn-out transmission, along with his desire for revised transmission gearing (primarily a crawler 1st gear ratio) he's genuinely impressed.  Coming from someone who was admittedly prejudiced against the JK, this is quite a compliment; one which Jeep's engineers can be proud of.  In Verne's own words,
Basically the JK is awesome, and a great replacement for the TJ. It definitely ups the bar of what a Jeep is on-road and off-. 
The suspension is awesome. It flexes, rides well on-road, and can handle bumps at speed better than a short Jeep should.
I'll leave the rest of his thoughts for you to read in his blog, but suffice it to say that he sounded surprised at himself for liking the JK as much as he did.

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