Saturday, January 5, 2013

Six Pak Extra-Long-Wheelbase Jeep Wrangler JK

Quality Metalcraft's Jeep Wrangler JK Six Pak is the three-row family rock limo you've been waiting for.  I linked to AutoWeek's original pre-SEMA release photos here, and as expected the one-off Jeep made its appearance at SEMA where it was a huge hit.

The automotive press ate this thing up, with coverage and photos published by Autoblog, Hillviewmotors, Gadgetreview, Examiner, Fox News, and Eddie.

While a Jeep of this size would certainly be useful to some people in certain types of terrain, its extra long wheelbase would be a limiting factor on tight trails and big obstacles; even the 116-inch wheelbase of the standard JK Wrangler Unlimited is a bit much.  But as a much more capable alternative to a Chevrolet Suburban, this Six Pak gives real offroad ability to those who need a large family 4x4.


  1. Not the conventional limo type i had in mind ,but i love jeeps .I do think it looks good at the same time very spacious,for family off-road adventures.

  2. what is the price in pakistani rupees

  3. hi how to order one or if for sale how much price please reply back thanks