Saturday, December 29, 2012

Moab Tour 2012 with Indiancars and American Expedition Vehicles

Indiancars seems to be the French equivalent to American Expedition Vehicles with their tasteful, well-engineered Jeep conversions such as the modernized Jeep Honcho (Omaha) pictured above.  This appears to have been created from a Mopar JK-8 pickup conversion kit, further upfitted with AEV suspension and bumpers, and then customized with Indiancars' own body accessories.  They also perform HEMI conversions for those who want to liquify their rear tires, as well as less radical Wrangler customization.

AEV recently posted a video of their 2012 Moab Tour with the Indiancars crew and the JK Brute Double Cab Wrangler pickups:

Moab, Utah is definitely on my "bucket list" to visit one day.

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