Sunday, October 14, 2012

JeepSWAG Jeep JK DirtBagz Wheelwell Storage Bags

JeepSWAG's DirtBagz

Something every Jeep needs is some extra storage space.  JeepSWAG has come up with an awesome solution with their wheelwell storage bags that they have custom-fit for the Jeep Wrangler JK by DirtBagz.

I picked up a pair of these to make use of the "dead space" atop the wheelwells and beneath the roll bar.  They're shaped to perfectly contour to the curve of the wheelwells, and they're completely out of the way for loading coolers, sleeping bags, groceries, etc. yet easily accessible with the hardtop on or off.

Driver side DirtBag

Passenger side DirtBag
They really hold a lot of gear:

JeepSWAG demonstrates what fits into just one DirtBag
The DirtBagz are tall enough that they sit just barely over the body tub rail.  This allows you to still use a tonneau cover over the Jeep's rear cargo area:

DirtBagz are hidden under my Bestop Duster Cover.

The DirtBagz mount with heavy-duty tabs that bolt down to each of the body tub's side rails with two of the three hardtop mounting holes.  They are not completely waterproof, but they won't let any water inside during even the heaviest rain storms and they've done a great job of keeping dust out.  They are not theft-proof, but removal requires a Torx bit or a knife.

The gear you store within them is vulnerable to theft, so I don't recommend keeping tools, radios, or other valuable gear inside them.  I store spare batteries, a flashlight, a multitool, a couple firestarter bricks, a lighter, a folding shovel, a small fire extinguisher, a tow strap, two D-ring shackles, 100 feet of parachute cord, winching gloves, Warn winch controller, a tire plug kit, a roll of blue towels, a roll of toilet paper, a road flare, spare fuses, hose clamps, and duct tape in mine.  My emergency kit and tool kit are kept in separate bags so that they can be easily transported from the Jeep when needed.

I've been very pleased with my DirtBagz and highly recommend them for anyone looking to gain some more organized storage space in their Jeep.  They've handled quite a bit of weight within them and always stayed in place no matter how rough the terrain.  They don't interfere with any of the other gear I load into the back of the Jeep, and they work with any style hardtop, softtop, or duster cover.


  1. I have a pair of these as well and love them. I did put a padlock on the two zippers (like you would luggage) for an added measure of security, but a knife can still bypass that but keeps the nosey people out. I also routed the securing straps under the body between the clips the torx bolts screw into which is trickier to get the bolts on with but looks cleaner once installed.

  2. great gadgets to go with a great jeep. the dirtbag is particularly amazing, it is unbelievable that it can hold a lot of stuff because this essentially means that I am absolutely safe on the road with my Rubicon. I used to drive a
    bestop jeep, fully fitted with a tonneau cover and it took me a while to find a nice bag to ride a long.

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