Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jeep Limousines

There have been countless goofy limousines built over the years, and Jeeps haven't been spared from this absurdity.  Admittedly, if I was ever to ride in a limo I would prefer a Jeep to the typical Town Car-based limo.

The Indy Jeep Limo

The First Class Limousines Hot Pink Jeep

S&S Limousines Jeep Rubicon

Tru Limousines Jeep Commander

The biggest problem I see with all these limousines is that they're never seen off-road.  That's where my buddy Ben Swain puts them all to shame with his company Slee Offroad's Sleemousine: a Lexus LX-450 Toyota FZJ-80 Land Cruiser limo that he's not afraid to take 4wheeling!

Slee Offroad's 80-series Land Cruiser limo
Having crawled over, under, and inside this unique limo myself at King of the Hammers, I can vouch for how incredibly cool it is.  The suspension lift, snorkel, and winch ensure that it has real offroading abilities, and the twin rooftop tents are for those occasions when sleeping accommodations are needed for 8 or more passengers.  Its only real shortcomings are its horrific breakover angle and its terribly underpowered inline-6 engine.

Sleemousine with one of its two rooftop tents deployed at KOH

YouTube has several clips of his Sleemousine surfing the Oceano Dunes SVRA at Pismo Beach on California's central coast:

Limos are expensive, heavy, and incredibly unwieldy off-road which is why you'll rarely (if ever) see a 4-wheel-drive limo taken off-road.  In spite of that, I'd love to see a showdown between Ben's Land Cruiser Limo and a Jeep Wrangler limo!

*** UPDATE 12/31/2013 ***

This sightseeing tourist Jeep is a sight to behold!



  1. Awesome post! I've seen the Slee limo at KOH. Pretty cool for what it is.

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