Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dominion OffRoad JK Hard Top Saver Kit

Hard Top Saver Kit
The removable hardtop on any 4x4 lives a rough life.  Bouncing down a trail and flexing over rocks transfers torsional loads from the suspension to the chassis, through the body, and into the hardtop.  With only a few small points of contact between the top and the body tub rail, the Wrangler JK's hardtop is known for developing cracks at these thin, highly-stressed points:

The notorious hardtop cracks found on higher-mileage Jeeps.

Since I knew my Jeep would be seeing a lot of offroad miles even in the winter months when the hardtop is installed, I decided some cheap insurance against damaging my hardtop was in order, before my hardtop developed its own cracks.  JeepSWAG a.k.a. Dominion OffRoad has developed a simple yet effective JK Hard Top Saver Kit seen above.

It is indeed a very simple product: 10-gauge 304 stainless steel plates cut and drilled to size, backed by high-quality 3M adhesive.  It installs between the torx bolt head to "sandwich" the hardtop and the body tub rail so that the load is spread out evenly to prevent the fiberglass from flexing and fatiguing.  When the hardtop is removed, the adhesive keeps the plates from magically disappearing over the summer months.

Hard Top Saver Kit, installed.

I absolutely could have made this kit myself, but the amount of time I would have spent doing so would have been a waste considering JeepSWAG only charges $30.  By the time I factor in material cost and the consumption of saw blades and drill bits, it made no sense but to simply purchase the kit.

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