Thursday, August 16, 2012

Willys Jeep 8x8 Creation

Jalopnik brought to my attention what is undoubtedly one of the world's unique Jeeps in their article The World's Most Adorable, Badass Jeep Is For Sale on eBay Motors.

Constructed from two Willys Wagons and a Flatfender, this custom 8-wheel-drive, 8-wheel-steering, Corvette-powered Jeep was built by legendary fabricator Dick Cook in collaboration with Big Daddy Ross.  This is quite possibly the only vehicle that's cooler than a 6x6 Pinzgauer 712M.


  1. They mention it's capable of 65mph. My Pinzgauer was capable of reaching 73mph, but that doesn't mean it was happy or comfortable at 65mph. The 8x8's Corvette smallblock certainly gives it adequate power, but a short wheelbase with double the number of tires of a normal vehicle would surely make it a handful at highway speeds - and that's IF it has a good alignment on all 8 wheels!

    This 8x8 is more of a novelty than anything. But that doesn't make me want it any less!

  2. 8 wheel drive, sounds like a great jeep especially in terms of stability on the road and haulage. however,I am not quite sure about the flexibility. how fast can this jeep turn? would it be efficient during off road drives that many jeeps are known for.

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  3. Really! I don't see anything anything different or good about this vehicle other than just making it look really really hideous.The illusion of stability is so far fetched,because one I know it can do really well with the normal number of wheels,what is the point of having 8 of then?

  4. it is extremely smooth at any speed..three wheels can encounter most obstacles and there are still five carrying the full weight