Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eldorado National Forest Approves Rubicon Trail Easement and Route Improvements

Look, ma - no environmental damage!

Big news for the Rubicon Trail!

The United States Department of Agriculture's Forest Service has issued a road easement to El Dorado County for the Rubicon Trail where it crosses Eldorado National Forest lands under R.S. 2477.  The decision also authorizes a number of trail improvements that should help keep the right-of-way open year-round.

The Forest Service published the decision on their website, and the Sacramento Bee newspaper actually wrote a reasonably unbiased report on the decision, much to everyone's surprise - especially after their previous propagandized report.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation deserves major kudos for this settlement.  Although the recreational community has had to accept some concessions in exchange for this victory, the health and future of the trail is much better managed by locals of a smaller bureaucracy than by the nationwide Forest Service and its countless layers of bureaucracy and ineptitude.  This is a big win for everyone who loves Nature, who appreciates their Constitutionally-protected liberties, and who is disgusted by the faux-environmentalist organizations' money-grubbing agenda.

Join the fight to keep public lands like this open to the public!

The fight to keep public lands open to the public still has no end in sight.  However, hard work and a stubborn refusal to give in to the anti-access faux-environmentalist groups such as Sierra Club, PEER, Center for Biological Diversity, and Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation can help keep public rights-of-way such as the Rubicon Trail open for current and future generations to enjoy.  If you want to help preserve the Rubicon Trail, please consider joining one of the numerous pro-recreation environmentalist groups, such as Rubicon Trail Foundation, Friends of the Rubicon, Friends of Eldorado National Forest, California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, BlueRibbon Coalition, and many small local 4x4 clubs.

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