Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trucks and SUVs You Can Still Get With a Stick

Motor Trend Magazine's sister publication Truck Trend just published an article entitled Trucks and SUVs You Can Still Get With a Stick, and of course the Jeep Wrangler was praised.  From the article,
The Wrangler stays true to its roots by offering a six-speed manual on both two-door and four-door Unlimited models. Unlike many of the other vehicles on this list, the manual is offered on all Wrangler trim levels, from the entry Sport to the top-of-the-line Rubicon. Although a case can be made for why an automatic is better for off-roading, we're glad Jeep still gives us a choice and doesn't force us into the hair-shirt trim level to get it.
While I may not agree that an automatic transmission is better for off-roading, I can certainly agree with their appreciation for the Wrangler's availability with a manual transmission in every trim level.  As I mentioned in my second-ever blog entry explaining why I chose a Wrangler, I would not have have even included the Wrangler on my list of potential vehicles if it was not available with a manual transmission.  I fully back Car and Driver Magazine's crusade to Save The Manuals!

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  1. The idea of the manual sounds really good,but still for an off road junkie an automatic is better.It makes it all the more adventurous