Saturday, July 14, 2012

Okinawa's WW2 Jeep Graveyard

World War 2 ended on September 2, 1945 when Japan's Emperor Hirohito signed the Japanese Instrument of Surrender aboard the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay:
It took many years after the war to return American troops and equipment home, but many of the tools of war were simply left behind.  I stumbled upon these photos of a Jeep cemetery on and was both impressed and humbled by the scene.
Millions of dollars worth of military vehicles were dumped  on the Island of Okinawa after the war.
These photos were taken on November 11, 1949 by Carl Mydans, on assignment for Life Magazine.  Willys MB and Ford GPW Jeeps were the predominant vehicles used in the war; these photos simultaneously illustrate how valuable the Jeep was, yet how disposable they were considered to be.

In addition to all these Jeeps, the number of Bantam trailers that were abandoned is quite staggering:

And of course, each of those Jeeps and trailers needs tires on which to roll:


  1. great to know that the jeep dates back from the world war two. just goes to show how far this great car has come. I believe it is the many years that have gone into it which make it such a great car.

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  2. That stuff would be worth an absolute fortune today if anyone had the foresight to store it in grease. What a waste....