Friday, June 1, 2012

Land Use Wake-Up Call with MetalCloak and Del Albright


In the wake of the massive closure of public roads and trails in Eldorado National Forest and the California legislature's outright theft of money from the OHV Trust Fund, the good folks at MetalCloak invited BlueRibbon Coalition's Del Albright to discuss the current and future problems stemming from the anti-access, faux-environmentalist agenda.

The Center for Biological Diversity, the Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation, the Sierra Club, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, and other radical extremist groups are fighting every day to get the government to strip you of your right to responsibly recreate on the public lands that your tax dollars pay for.  For instance, even with 1/3 of Eldorado National Forest already locked up for exclusive use by hikers in the Desolation and Mokolumne Wilderness Areas, the anti-access groups still weren't happy with the fact that a mere two-tenths of one percent of Eldorado National Forest's forest floor still remained legal to access by SUV, a Jeep, or even a Prius, so they sued the government and managed to get the vast majority of the last few remaining rights-of-way closed.

If you enjoy driving into forest for picnicking, searching for geocaches, birdwatching, kayaking, fishing, camping, 4x4 backcountry exploration, or any activity other than hiking, you'll have to find another forest in which to do it - you aren't welcome in Eldorado National Forest anymore, even if you're a senior, a child, a disabled veteran, or anyone else who isn't able to hike.

And you better get out and enjoy your other National Forests soon, because the evil witch who runs CSNC and PEER isn't content to stop at locking you out of her local forest; Eldorado National Forest is nothing more than a test-bed in which she perfects her tactics for eventual seizure of the rest of America's public lands.  All Americans are victims of her selfish agenda, not just those of us who are local to her.

You're probably wondering what can you do to help fight to keep your public lands open to the public.  The number one action is to join BlueRibbon Coalition.  It doesn't matter what form of outdoors recreation you partake in - BRC is an environmentalist organization that fights to preserve nature for ALL responsible recreationists, not just for a select few elitists.

MetalCloak has also come up with their own great list of actions to take to help preserve public lands FOR the public instead of FROM the public.  Support the companies and organizations that are working in your interest, or else there won't be any public lands left for our children to enjoy.

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