Sunday, June 3, 2012

California Assembly's Theft from the OHV Trust Fund

California's OHV community is totally disenfranchised with the State's outright theft of $21 million from the OHV Trust Fund.  

While State Senators Joe Simitian (D-11th District) and Noreen Evans (D-2nd District) and Assemblyman Jared Huffman (D-Petaluma) are the most guilty of all, the majority of our non-representative Representatives can be considered co-conspirators.

BlueRibbon Coalition published a press release explaining the OHV community's stance on the issue, and The General's Recreation HQ posted their own opinion of the crime.  Pirate4x4's Land Use forum has a thorough discussion worth reading.  California's Kern County Board of Supervisors even sent a letter of objection to the State Senate noting the economic and environmental consequences of the theft of these funds.

We The People set up a government-run Trust Fund in which we entrusted the government in using our gas tax dollars (solely from fueling our off-road vehicles) exclusively for the management of OHV areas.  Repeated "borrowing" of money from this self-funded program has occurred over the years due to the fact that this is just about the only sustainable government program; it's like a nerdy kid with a pocket full of lunch money - too hard for the bullies to resist.  These funds have never been repayed, and the "loans" have now evolved into outright legislated theft.

What kind of "Trust Fund" is it if we can't trust our own Representatives?

We OHV users have kept our end of the agreement, but the government bullies have repeatedly pushed us the ground and taken our lunch money.  How long will we tolerate this before we do something about it?  Forfeiting our money only encourages continued theft.

It's time to vote the bullies out of office and take them to the principal's office.  A lawsuit could lead to a judge (principal) awarding us a repayment of our stolen funds.

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