Thursday, February 16, 2012

Government Closure of our National Forests

I just watched a disturbing documentary that shows how our corrupt government is locking the public out of the public lands we entrust them to manage for us.

It's important to remember that land closures affect all members of the public, not just OHV users.  Wilderness Areas are closed to everyone but hikers, no matter how environmentally-insignificant your chosen form of recreation may be.  Bicyclists, kayakers, hang gliders, equestrians, motor boaters, sailers, snowmobilers, and everyone else are banned - by YOUR federal government - from the public land your tax dollars fund that fall within the boundaries of Wilderness Areas.  Even Boy & Girl Scouts, veterans' groups, the elderly, the young, and the disabled aren't allowed to access Wilderness Areas unless they're able to do so by foot.

A political war is being waged by the "green elitists" against the rest of Americans.  Organizations such as BlueRibbon Coalition are fighting hard to preserve your right to access public lands in a responsible manner.  Access and enjoyment does not mean the environment will be destroyed; we all have a responsibility to respect and protect public lands for present and future generations of humans, flora, and fauna.

The liberal anti-access agenda does nothing to help the environment - it merely hurts those who work hardest to enjoy and protect our public lands.

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