Thursday, February 23, 2012

Environmental Extremism: The Wildlands Project

Land closure is a very real problem, especially for those who enjoy recreating outdoors in public backcountry lands.  The Wildlands Project (a.k.a. The Wildlands Network) is but one of countless "environmental" organizations that are desperately fighting to take away YOUR right to responsibly access and recreate on the public lands you cherish - and for which you pay taxes to the government to manage for your and future generations' enjoyment.

What's wrong with being an "environmentalist"???  Nothing.  I am an environmentalist, and every one of my 4wheeling buddies are environmentalists.  We all appreciate, respect, and protect our natural resources; none of us wants to see our backcountry's natural health and beauty damaged, and we're all members of clubs that actively work on resource preservation projects.  We prove year after year that mechanized recreationists are an asset to the community and to the environment by not only setting a good example amongst ourselves, but also by working side-by-side with the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management rangers on countless land management projects.

The "environmentalists" who the problem are generally either members of "environmentalist" organizations, or the ones who simply write feel-good checks to those organizations.  They are the ones who are actively working to change America, to lock everyone but themselves out of EVERYONE'S public lands by way of Wilderness Areas, Wilderness Study Areas, Wildlife Corridors, and other access-restricted designations.

After years of apathy (and relentless land closures) mechanized recreationists as well as the general public are finally beginning to wake up and realizing the scope of the problem:

So how can you help?  If you don't have the time or experience to become an effective organizational leader (such as a club member or local politician), then the very best thing you can do is join BlueRibbon Coalition.  BRC brings together members of ALL forms of outdoors recreation to gain a voice with strength in numbers.

On top of that, just as "armchair environmentalists" sit back and cut checks to these "environmental" organizations, you can always write a check to BRC's Legal Defense Fund where you can be assured your contribution is being used effectively to challenge these illegal land closures in court.

BlueRibbon Coalition fights to preserve our public lands FOR the public, instead of FROM the public; they believe everyone has the equal right to responsibly recreate on public lands.  It's time to join in the fight, to stop any further land closures, and to gain back some the natural areas that have already been stolen from us.  America is for ALL Americans, not just a select few elitists.

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